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Volunteering at Adelphi’s Early Learning Center with Akosua!

Akosua in front of the Early Learning Center From the moment Adelphi International students arrive on campus, they are encouraged to take advantage of all the amazing opportunities on campus. AUI Students are fortunate to have over 90 clubs and organizations to choose from! Whether students choose to join a club sport, an academic organization, or a community service group, there is bound to something that interests everyone! Akosua Okoampah, an AAP student from Ghana, recently volunteered at the Alice Brown Early Learning Center, where she had the chance to interact with the pre-K students and assist the teachers there. Here is what she had to say about her experience! Akosua - Early Learning Center “During my time at the Early Learning Center, my friends and I go the chance to interact with the children and we helped them go about their daily activities. We were welcomed to the Early Learning Center by a beautiful woman and she put me in a group with my friends, Tracy and Jose, and we were placed in the Pre- K 2 class. Jose and I sat next to one child and we asked her what her name was. She did not give us an answer the first time, but she finally told us her name when we asked her the third time. Then we asked if we could play with her and she told us no and stood up and left, but once the little girl saw us playing with the other children she joined us. Then it was clean up time and they children had a cleanup song that they sing everyday, which went like this “when we look up to the clock we have five minutes left, five minutes to clean up…” After the cleanup, I said goodbye to my new friends and I was shuffled to the Pre- K 1 class. I was warmly welcomed by the staff and by the children. The warmest welcome I received and one which I will never forget was from a little girl named Lily. When I stepped into the class, Lily ran up to me and stood in-front of me and stared. I picked her up and asked “What’s your name little one?” and she said to me “My name is Lily” in a very high-pitched voice with the most beautiful smile. Lily never left my side after that–she followed me everywhere I went and she would not sit down for story time if she was not seated on my lap. Lily became my best friend and we did everything together. Akosuaearlylearning At 5:30 PM I had to say goodbye to everyone, especially Lily, because the volunteer session was over. Lily gave me the warmest goodbye hug and we said goodbye. I promised her I would come back when this opportunity comes up again. I am looking forward to seeing Lily again! I had a lot of fun during my volunteer experience and I am going to make volunteering at the Early Learning Center a habit because children are amazing to work with and they make you see another part of you that you never thought existed.”

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