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Introducing Adelphi International’s New Graduate Assistant: Muhammad Ali

  • Name: Muhammad Ali
  • Country of origin: Pakistan Degree:
  • M.S. Supply Chain Management
  • Past education history: MBA Marketing; Pakistan, BSc. (Hons.) Accounting and Finance; Pakistan
  • Job Title: Graduate Assistant at Adelphi International
  Tell us a bit about yourself and why you chose to study in the U.S? My name is Muhammad Ali and I am originally from Pakistan, although I have always considered myself a ‘global citizen’. I am a bit different from many other international students because I did not originally come to the USA to study, although studying in the U.S had been a long-term goal of mine. I had just completed my MBA degree in Marketing in Pakistan and I planned to see the world before I began my career and I started off by visiting my sister in America. After exploring New York and learning more about American culture, I soon realized that this was the perfect time to apply to an American University. How did you choose Adelphi? I started looking at universities in New York with two things in mind; first, I was looking Adelphi_how_to_make_friends_img_1for a Master’s program with worldwide value in the job market. I researched a few universities around the area and Adelphi was on top of my list because it had all the features I was looking for in a university–flexible class schedules, quality reputation, rich history, a shorter Master’s Program duration, a beautiful campus, convenient location, and fantastic people. What are some of the challenges you faced as an incoming international student? Muhammad in NYCI had to face a few challenges as an international student because I received my student visa very close to the start of Fall term. I applied for change of status of my visa while remaining in the US, and was lucky enough to get my F-1 approved within 2 months, and started my school in Fall of 2016. The moment I started my school, I realized that the teaching style is quite flexible and faculty are very available to help with anything you need. For those reasons, I, thankfully did not face many academic challenges. Tell us a bit more about your experiences as an Adelphi student? My experience at Adelphi has been one-of-a kind. I have made great friends from many different nationalities and I have learned a lot about their cultures. The best part of being an international student is that you get an opportunity to represent your culture and teach others about it. I believe that it helps a lot in breaking stereotypes and it helps people to learn about cultures different from their own. MuhammadPanther What are some of your favorite activities to do in or around campus? Exploring New York City with friends, going on trips with the university, studying in the library, hanging around in the new Nexus building and grabbing coffee from the Starbucks on campus with friends, are some of the things I enjoy doing most on campus. Being a Graduate Assistant at Adelphi International Admissions is the best role I am playing on campus so far. I am in a process of collecting a lot of memories that I know I can cherish all my life. I want to make the best of my time at Adelphi. IMG_5710     NEXUS INSIDE    IMG_5648   Do you have any advice for incoming international students?Muhammad Holiday Party

The advice I want to give to incoming international students is to trust in yourself and to remember that you can achieve just as much as any other student! I think that international students are unique to other students, because they have often been exposed to many different cultures, languages and study styles, and they can share these experiences with the Adelphi community. At Adelphi, you will be steps away from the financial capital and one of the liveliest cities in the world–a dream of many people—so, remember how lucky you are to be a Panther!

Before coming to New York, make sure you are prepared for the heavy winters and                              snowfall, which some of you might not have witnessed before. Remember that you are coming to a great institution and you will graduate with a lot of learning experience. I can’t wait to welcome the new students to Adelphi! You can find me at the front desk in the Adelphi International office–feel free to come and say hi! I am always there to help you guys with anything. MuhammadAdelphiSign Good Luck, and have a wonderful time at Adelphi University.

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