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Adelphi International students kick off the basketball season at Midnight Madness event

Midnight madness at the Adelphi Basketball game Collage_of_Midnight_Madness 1 With Fall 2016 Orientation behind us, our students have begun enjoying all of the wonderful events and activities that Adelphi has to offer! On Friday, October 14th, Adelphi students kicked off the basketball season with the annual Midnight Madness event in the Center for Recreation and Sports. AUI Students enjoyed performances from a variety of Adelphi groups, including the dance team, Bhangra dance team, Cheer team, and Bollywood dance team. Tracy Acheampong, Carly (Wing) Lau, and Eleanor (Khanh) Nguyen were among many of the AUI students who enjoyed the annual Midnight Madness event.   IMG_4776IMG_4782   “For me, this is the first time I have ever been to such a big and crazy school event like this,” said Eleanor, an undergraduate student from Vietnam. “It felt like I actually became part of this school. If there will be any events like this in the future, I definitely will go without any hesitation!” she added. Cheerleading “Midnight Madness was such a great event on a Friday night. I loved when the different dance clubs performed, in different styles of dances—particularly when the host picked people from different sides to have a dance-off. It was an exciting night and I am so glad that I am part of the AU community!” said Carly, an undergraduate student from Hong Kong.   Tracy, one of our accelerator students from Ghana, also attended the event and enjoyed watching “the many performances, from hip hop to Indian dances, from various groups on campus. In all, it was a very fun event and I am glad I attended!”   Deeksha Choudhary, a MAP 1Deeksha--midnightmadness student from India, is a recent addition to the Bhangra Dance Team, and performed with her group during the night’s events. “Performing abroad is a great experience!” she said. “It is different from performing in my home country because there are a lot of different people in the group—American students, Indian students, and many others.”   Midnight Madness is just one of the many events that AUI students will have the chance to attend at Adelphi! Subscribe to keep up to date with upcoming events and other event recaps like this!  

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