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You Can Have a Close Relationship with Your Professors

Students work together in the Adelphi trading room Professor and Computers Adelphi University has students from more than 45 countries. No matter where they’re from, Adelphi students love the small class sizes. In fact, the university has a 10-to-1 student-to-faculty ratio. In other words, for every professor at the school, there are just ten students. Why is that important? Especially for international students, that ratio means more personal attention and support in the classroom. It’s one of the most popular explanations we hear from international students who chose Adelphi. For instance, Anustha Shrestha says, “The student-to-professor ratio at Adelphi [10:1] is really low, so you can have a close relationship with your professors here.” This recent graduate was born in Nepal, and came all the way to Garden City, New York to study math and economics. And now thanks in part to the personal attention and small class sizes at Adelphi, she’s working for one of the world’s leading insurance companies. Anustha is just one of more than 90,000 Professor Meetingalumni putting their education to good use, like leading business executives, scientists researching exciting breakthroughs and software engineers at Google. Even award-winning playwrights and composers like Jonathan Larson. Don’t worry – while his musical Rent isn’t playing on Broadway anymore, there are still plenty of thrilling musicals and other Broadway shows just a short train ride from the Garden City campus. Of course, all that alumni success starts somewhere. The hundreds of international students at Adelphi are getting ready to change the world too. To prepare, they rely on tailored support and personal attention from their professors only from small classes. It gives professors the opportunity to focus on their students to provide the best education possible. No wonder U.S. News & World Report named Adelphi University a Top 15 Overperformer when it comes to ensuring student success. After all, that’s the Adelphi approach to education: your access to professors fuels your success in the future. So whether you’re learning from researchers, writers, artists or other innovators, you’ll get the attention you deserve. After coming halfway around the world, shouldn’t your professors give you maximum attention? Give us a thumbs up if you agree! __ Adelphi was also recognized in the report’s first-ever list of colleges in its National Universities ranking category that are overperforming in ensuring student success. In November 2012, Adelphi was ranked as a Top 15 Overperformer in undergraduate academic reputation.

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