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Top 5 Study Spots at Adelphi University

Nexus building Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, students are gearing up for the end of the semester! There are so many amazing events coming up, so it might be hard to find enough time to prepare for finals. With that in mind, we had our Marketing Intern, Ari, share some of her favorite study spots on campus! As a senior, she’s certainly had enough time to find the best places to fit in some study time! Here are her top 5 picks! Swirbul_Library     1.  Swirbul Library “Whether you are studying in a group or alone, Swirbul has tons of spots where you can study. The main level has a large area where you can study in groups, and deep inside the library there are more private areas which are great if you are looking for a quiet spot to get work done. There are even private rooms you can book so you and your friends can study together.”

 Nexus_Building      2.  Nexus Building

“Nexus has been a great new addition to campus! Nexus has a large area in the front, where you can study in groups, and smaller tables in the back where you can find time to study alone. The new building also houses the writing and learning centers, which are great academic services to utilize during finals period! They also have a Starbucks, so you can get as much coffee as you need to keep from nodding off.” Dorm_lounges       3.  Dorm lounges “If you live on campus, studying in the lounge of your dorm is an easy and convenient place to study, both in a group or by yourself. If your roommate likes playing loud music the dorm lounges could also be a great place to get away from that and just focus on your studies. They are open 24/7, so you can get a lot of work done.” Campus_Recreation_Center       4. Campus Recreation Center “The gym may not be your first idea of a great place to study, but the main entrance has a great area to cram before your finals. There are a lot of comfy couches and chairs to sit in, which can make it a relaxing area. You can also get a healthy snack or a fresh juice at the Legends Café, to keep your brain functioning.” Underground_Café     5.   Underground Café “The Underground Café in the University Center has a Starbucks, a cozy fireplace to keep you warm in the winter, and small tables to sit at with a small group while working on group projects. They have grab-and-go food and even host open-mic nights if you want to listen to some live music while you study.“

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