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Adelphi International Students: Panthers Getting Involved on Campus!

Panther statue At Adelphi International, we not only focus on the importance of academic success for our students, but we also recognize how important social success and integration are to the American college experience. Luckily for students, there is a great variety of clubs and organizations to choose from. Whether you want to join the Bhangra Dance team and perform at Midnight Madness, or volunteer for a day at the Early Learning Center, there is something for everyone! Since arriving on campus, AUI students been warmly welcomed into many of the different student organizations on campus. Wen Li, an EAP student from China, talks about her experience with the organization, Breaking Boundaries. Read about her experiences here! “I joined an organization called Breaking Boundaries. At the meeting, there were many members present. I was able to join this club because Professor Yang introduced us to myAULife, the system that lets you sign up for clubs and organizations. The organization was founded to help people with disabilities. We work together to create a better environment for people with disabilities. The organization is here to stop the unequal treatment, and this organization works to let others know that we cannot discriminate against people with disabilities. Everyone is equal in this world. I joined this organization because I want to help others. There are many members in this organization and I liked making friends with the other kind people in the club. Outside of class and my studies, I love that I can help those who need help. It is my pleasure and it has made my campus life much more colorful. Overall, this was a really great chance for me to enrich my life and college experience.” Another one of our undergraduate students, Akshat, who is from India, wrote about his experience joining the South Asian Student Association. Akshat “I have joined the South Asian Student Association (SASA). They have meetings almost every Wednesday! I decided to join this organization because it is related the country I am from and the group also celebrates most of the Indian festivals and holidays. In this club, I got to know more people from my country and other countries in the region. This was a very nice way to meet new people and learn from them. The first meeting I attended was few days before the chalk up event and we were told that SASA has reserved a space to draw or write something for the chalk up event. I also am excited to attend the next meeting on which will be all about the great Indian festival called Diwali (The Festival of Lights)”

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