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TBT: Celebrating Halloween with AUI Student, Vlad Chang!

Students pose in costume at AUI halloween party

Vlad Chang (Yuzun-Vladyslav Chang), a Ukrainian M.B.A student is certainly proud to have progressed out of the MAP 1 program, but he also has a lot of great memories from his first semester with Adelphi International! Vlad was kind enough to share his memories and thoughts from his first Halloween as a student in the United States. We hope our new accelerator students, who arrived today for the Summer Intake, will get to make some great memories as well!

AUI students enjoy a Halloween celebration

AUI students and staff enjoy a Halloween celebration! (Vlad seen on far right)

“I have never celebrated Halloween as people do in America, but I heard that Halloween in New York is a big event, so I ordered a costume a month prior. I planned to go to New York City with my friends on Halloween to see the big parade. We were all in a good mood as we knew that it will be a great adventure. On Halloween morning, I saw the video on Instagram that our student services advisors made, inviting us to a Halloween costume contest for international students. They were luring us with all sorts of treats, so I decided to go and have some fun!
Vlad Chang Best AUI Halloween Costume 2016

Vlad Chang-winner of ‘Best AUI Halloween Costume 2016!’

I dressed in my Halloween costume and went to the AUI lounge. I was dressed as an assassin, from the game “Assassins’s Creed”, but the problem was that I had no “weapon”. I came to the party and there were so many treats and beverages! In addition, there was a craft table, and the advisors suggested that I create a weapon there. Well, the first attempt was pathetic, because the ‘killer knife’ was made from a plastic knife covered in slips of papers and it looked ridiculous! Every guest probably had the pleasure of laughing at this bendable ‘weapon’!  Then, the advisors brought an egg carton, and I began to create new dagger. We had everything we needed for a great party: snacks and sweets, cool music, nice people and great mood. So, the process of forging my dagger was pretty nice.
Halloween party treats

Enjoying all of the treats at the AUI Halloween party!

To be honest, I came to the contest to have some fun, treats and to see friends. However, I was not expecting that I would win the costume contest! I got a nice prize and gift card for Amazon. What an amazing party! We were taking a lot of pictures, joking and dancing. Next, I joined my friends and we went to Manhattan. When we arrived at Penn Station,  there were no people in Halloween costumes at all. “Where are all those who are in costumes?”, we all thought. We went to the starting point of the parade and along the way we went to a Halloween store to buy a mask for our friend. In that store we actually met a group of guys, who speak the same language! (Russian).
Halloween store - new friends

Making some new friends at the Halloween store!

The newly bought mask and costume changed our evening. People on the streets began to react to us and even wanted to take some photos with us. It was especially fun when we were in a crowd near the parade. There were lots of people–it looked like an ocean of people! Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the parade, but it was still lots of fun near where the parade was going on. We decided to go to another place about a 5-minute walk away, but it took around 30 minutes to get there because there were so many people wishing to be photographed with us. Even the police man came to show us to his son via video call. Street Halloween Later, I found out that other international students were visiting Manhattan  as well and even participated in the parade. So, if you want at least to see the Parade try to find out the parade route first and which spots are best to watch from. There are also some ways to get to walk in the parade itself. All is possible!” — Written by Vlad Chang (Yuzun-Vladyslav Chang) MAP1, M.B.A student, from Ukraine.

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