Life at Adelphi, Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight: James Boney, Managing Director of Adelphi International

James Boney

Introducing James Boney, the Managing Director of Adelphi International!

Education history: TESOL Certificate (UPenn), PhD Candidate (Temple U.), MA (La Salle U.), BA (La Salle U.)

Title: Managing Director

Main job responsibilities: Primary administrator of AUI

When you started at AUI: March 1, 2016

What do you like about working at AUI: The collaborative environment

Favorite place you have traveled: Italy, Australia, Dominican Republic, Barbados What are your hobbies: Art, film and video games Favorite Place on Adelphi’s campus: Post Hall cafeteria! Favorite place in NYC: Central Park Tell us about your experiences living and traveling abroad (if you have): I have spent time in a number of different places. The culture, food and art of Italy are what I remember the most. Tell us about your experience with international students: I find international students to be the most interesting group to work with in higher education. This is because the learning is reciprocal; as we work to teach our students, I am also getting an education from them. How would you describe the benefits of Adelphi International in your own words? AUI provides our international population not only the opportunity to grow as students, but as members of the Adelphi University community too. This is because we spend a great deal of time providing meaningful engagements throughout the semester that help to broaden the students vision of campus life. What has been your favorite event/activity that you have attended at Adelphi? I enjoy orientation very much. This is because I am thrilled to share with our students their first moments at Adelphi University.  

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