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Panther Perspectives: Adelphi International Students Working On-Campus!

Man tightens his neck tie For many students, getting the chance to earn work experience before graduating is an important goal. For international students, it can be even more difficult to find work experiences while studying in the U.S because international students are limited to working on-campus. Fortunately, Adelphi University has many jobs to offer to students looking for on-campus work! Usman Anwar, an undergraduate student from Pakistan, studying Studio Art, recently was hired as a student worker in the Adelphi Marketing department. He credits the Career Accelerator Program and networking as two factors that helped him get this job. In talking about how he landed his new job, Usman had the following to say:

Undergraduate Studio Art Major, Usman Anwar

“I met one of the Adelphi Marketing Directors at an interview and video shoot I was participating in for Adelphi International. After doing the interview, the director asked me what my interests were and what digital experience I had. I told her that I had experience making logos and using photoshop and she asked me if I would be interested in working for the Marketing department. I was so surprised that someone was actually offering ME a job without having to go through a long application process. They even created a position just for me, where I can learn new design applications and assist the department with graphic design work. It feels like this opportunity is really helping to create a future for me and giving me experience in the field I want to work in.” Another undergraduate student (who was previously featured in another blog post about community service) named, Akosua Okoampah has also been fortunate enough to find an on-campus job. She recently was hired as a Student Assistant for the International Student Services Office.

Akosua Okoampah hard at work in the International Student Services Office!

She has been able to gain valuable work experience with the International Student Services office and told her CAP advisor, that “this job helps me to learn from people all over the world. I grew up in Africa where I was only exposed to people from there, so this lets me learn about how people from all over the world do things. Career-wise, this opens many doors for me because I meet so many people. Networking like this will allow me to eventually have connections in many other countries and I’m sure this will help when I am ready to open my own medical practice.”

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