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Summer Internships Make Dreams Come to Life

Anmol poses for a quick photo after presenting his projects and accomplishments from his summer internships. Summer Internships Make Dreams Come to Life Adelphi’s Center for Career and Professional Development runs the amazing Jaggar Community Fellows Program. This program offers competitive paid summer internships for all students. Students are paid through Adelphi University, meaning even international students can take paid positions that are located at companies in Manhattan or Long Island. “There’s this beautiful program that Adelphi runs, called the Jagger Community Fellowship Program. They pick up about 70 students for internship opportunities and I was fortunate enough to be a part of this. The program turned my life around because that gave me an opportunity to intern at Mount Sinai” – Anmol Kumar, India. Anmol poses for a quick photo after presenting his projects and accomplishments from his summer internships.Anmol, who interned at Mt. Sinai and Greenhopping already fulfilled a “childhood dream of working in New York City”, but also is confident that the hands-on experience from his internship will improve his ability to find a job in Digital Marketing. Ayaan had the amazing opportunity to work on a project assigned from the President of the company. He was part of a team that worked to develop a new app for the company that helped to centralize communications across office locations. He even had the chance to travel to St. Louis for an annual conference. At the conference, he got to network with people from “different companies – from Coca-Cola, L’Oreal, Pfizer, and many more”. “I had the privilege of interning at a non-profit organization over the summer and it was located on Wall Street, which is like a dream come true to work there.”  — Ayaan Pasha, India After his internship at The National Urban League, Ayaan found a graduate assistantship on-campus, but is looking for another summer internship in Marketing to further his skills and boost his resume even more. This past year, only seven graduate students were chosen for this program, and four of those students were Adelphi International students. Our students had the chance to gain valuable experience at major healthcare companies and non-profit organizations during the summer semester. All four of the students who were placed in internships over the summer are now working as Graduate and Research Assistants in the Willumstad School of Business. These positions even pay for students’ courses and also give them the chance to get to learn from a business professor one-on-one. Vlad Chang, who interned at Northwell Health dreams of finding a full-time job in IT management, where he can create software and applications that can improve the quality of life for users. He hopes that his experiences at Northwell Health will make him a stronger job candidate once he graduates. “After a few stages of interviews, I was placed with Northwell Health. I didn’t know anything about the company, but after I researched online, I found out that it is the biggest private employer in New York City and has more than 60,000 employees. I worked in the information systems department and assisted with redesigning and optimizing the program that stored medical data” –Vlad Chang, Ukraine Vlad had the chance to collaborate on data management projects for Northwell Health, and ultimately got the chance to present his project to the Department of Health in New York State. For more information on the Jagger Community Fellows Program click here.

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