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Meet AUI’s Student Worker, Mai!

Mai Headshot Mai and Jamie working at AUI Meet Adelphi’s newest student worker, Mai! She will directly be working with the Student Association; however, the entire Adelphi International team is happy to have her on board! Mai is originally from Vietnam and started at Adelphi in Fall 2017, studying her MBA in Human Resources. Since then she has been involved on campus specifically with the Career Accelerator program. Check out our interview with Mai below! Can you tell us more about your role at Adelphi International? When I was looking for jobs, I did a lot of research. This role at Adelphi International was most related to a career in Human Resources. I will meet with people from different countries, deal with paperwork and help students during their time at Adelphi. Why did you choose to specialize your MBA in Human Resources? In Vietnam I studied finance and I couldn’t find myself fully develop in that field because it wasn’t supportive of my characteristics. Human resources is way more interactive! How has the Career Accelerator program helped you prepare for this job? I felt by joining the Career Accelerator program it was helping me prepare my C.V, cover letter and for interviews; this way I wasn’t just walking into interviews the same way I would in my country. At first, I didn’t think the Career Accelerator program was necessary and then I really realized what the program was about. I had a job in Vietnam but the system in Vietnam is completely different than the job system here in America. The competiveness in America to get a job is really high. Was there an event that helped you feel more prepared for the interview process? One of the most helpful events was the Mock Interview event. We met with real life professional and recruiters from New York businesses. After practicing interviewing with them the professionals gave us feedback on how we can become better in an Interview. This was so helpful because I really had no experience interviewing. Also, Jamie [Career Accelerator program Manager] is my advisor and the way she treated me inspired me to help other students. That’s why I really wanted this job she is a good friend and very helpful. -Welcome to the team Mai!

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