AUI Student Stories: How Adelphi International made New York my home

Flora, China
Meet Flora! Flora is an undergraduate student from China studying Special Education at Adelphi International. Like many international students, Flora was nervous about moving to America and the cultural adjustments she would have to face. In this Adelphi Student Story, Flora talks about life living off-campus and how her Student Service Advisor (SSA), Emily and professors helped her settle into the American student lifestyle. Each Adelphi International student has an SSA to help guide them through their journey at Adelphi University. Your SSA will help you prepare for orientation, meet with you during the semester as well as plan workshops and activates specifically for Adelphi International students. Adelphi International understands that every student has individual needs, and we are dedicated to giving you the personalized attention you require. Flora meets with her SSA bi-weekly to chat about class, upcoming projects and transportation. Flora lives off-campus and commutes to Adelphi University from Brooklyn, New York. At first, she was confused by the subway and other transportation systems in New York. After speaking with Emily and going over the many different public transportation systems options in New York, Flora was able to choose the best way to get her to Adelphi University. Flora, China