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New Semester = New Opportunities

Malathi with Adelphi President, Christine Riordan
Malathi and the President of Adelphi University, Christine Riordan.

Malathi and the President of Adelphi University, Christine Riordan.

A new semester means new opportunities for Adelphi International students. In the past, it has been a goal for AUI students to make an impact in the local community. This year MBA student, Malathi, will continue that goal by working on campus as an Academic Coach for Bridges to Adelphi. There are multiple opportunities for on campus employment at Adelphi; however, it is not as easy as just handing in your resume. Malathi had to apply for the position with a resume and cover letter then complete three different rounds of interviews. The Career Accelerator helped Malathi feel comfortable and confident while applying to different positions on campus. The programs workshops and guest speaker events give students the opportunities to have hands on experiences in the global workplace.

“I had prepared my resume and cover letter at workshops held by AUI’s Career Accelerator. I felt prepared to interview, especially when they asked me questions regarding certain situations and how I would react.”

Back in Malathi’s home country of India, her family volunteers for those in need. She grew up helping others, this is why when searching for jobs Malathi knew her on campus job should follow that same path. The Bridges to Adelphi Program offers individualized comprehensive academic, social and vocational services that are designed to make the transition easier for students on the autism spectrum to adjust to university life at Adelphi.Many students feel anxious making the transition between high school and university. As an Academic Coach, Malathi will help students in making their schedule, planning their day-to-day routines and making sure that all students are informed of the resources Adelphi has to offer.

“Even though I am studying Finance, I think it is important to invest my time in helping others and giving them the attention, they deserve. That is how I believe our society will grow into a better place.”  

Malathi, the Adelphi International family is so proud of your success! We are excited to see the positive impact you can continue to make for the Adelphi Community. If you are interested in the professional development opportunities that the Career Accelerator provides please email Jamie Michelman,
Good luck at Bridges to Adelphi, Malathi

Good luck at Bridges to Adelphi, Malathi!