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#IEW – A Day at The United Nations Headquarters

Global Citizen Global CitizenWhat is a Global Citizen? During International Education Week, Adelphi International students spent their day attending the Global Citizenship Education Forum at the United Nations Headquarters located right here in New York City. The Forum consisted of guest speakers and panelist from all over the world as well as Nation Ambassadors representing a mix of diverse backgrounds. The goal of the Global Citizen Education (GCED) is to build an awareness around belonging to a common humanity, and helping learners become responsible and active global citizens. According to Panelist Eunhee Jung, Founder and President of IVECA (International Virtual Schooling) and Co-chair of the IDEGC Steering Committee, “A Global Citizen is someone who:
  • Holds universal values of justice, equality, dignity and respect.
  • Understands global issues.
  • Embraces their own heritage but transcends cultural differences.”
After the forum, our Adelphi International students had the chance to interact, network and ask questions to these global leaders. By the end of the day students had a better understanding of their own identity as international students and how their culture and openness to a changing environment is making a positive impact in today’s world.
“These opportunities are only available in New York. It was interesting to see all different countries coming together to talk about how important a global citizen is. It was also cool to find out that I am a global citizen.” – Amy, Thailand.
This forum was just the beginning of the changes the GCED is hoping to make in the future. The schedule discussed tactics, plans and goals for their 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. To see more events going on during #IEW check out our most recent blog post on  International Education Week! Global Citizenship