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Explore your Industry Month

explore your industry month
Are you ready to Explore your Industry?  At Adelphi International we are so eager to help our students enter the global workforce and learn how to be an industry leader in their field. This past month of November, The Career Accelerator the Center for Career and Professional Development did just that by giving all Adelphi students the opportunity to Explore their Industry. Explore Your Industry Month consisted of panel and network events that journeyed through the 4 major fields in today’s work place; Social Services, Business, STEM and Health Care.
“I study in Marketing but I would love to work in the healthcare field one day. This month I was able to get a deeper look into marketing all while learning what it was like to work in the healthcare.” – Carly, Hong Kong
Students were able to get an inside look at what it takes to work in these difference fields. In today’s work place collaboration is key. Check out a full list of the panelist and moderators below!  

Explore your Industry Month Explore your Industry Month Explore your Industry Month Explore your Industry Month