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Holidays in New York

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Holidays in New York

There are lots of events during every holiday season. Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Summer, etc. Students celebrate these holidays in all different ways including parades in New York City and other festivities on Long Island.

Thanksgiving is an American holiday, people usually have turkey and other side dishes with their families for dinner. For international students, they would invite their friends and have a big dinner together, enjoy turkey and other delicious dishes together. Most international students families are back in their home countries.

During their time at Adelphi, international students have made friends that have turned into family. Normally, they will all come together and have a big dinner known as, Friendsgiving.


Christmas is a big holiday in America, there are lots of parades, fireworks, displays and more. Students go to the city to watch the Christmas Spectacular show by the Rockettes. The show is filled with many dancers doing kicklines. It is a fantastic show for the holiday!  During December, there are christmas decorations everywhere, people decorate their houses and it feels like Christmas in the middle of November already. International students will also go shopping with friends during Christmas, because there are always big sales during the season.

Halloween is celebrated on October 31. People dress up as scary ghosts, characters to go trick or treat. Children knock on neighbors door to ask for candy at the end of the night it is a contest on who collected the most candy. Alongside trick or treating, there is also carving jack-o-lanterns, a festive word for pumpkins. People go pumpkin picking and carve different designs on the pumpkin, then they put a candle or light in the pumpkin to use it as decoration. International students will also gather together to have dinner together or just a simple gathering to share candy and different spooky stories.  

Chinese New Year

Other international holiday such as Chinese Lunar New Year, Mid-Autumn festival and Holi festival of color. At Adelphi, international students also share and celebrate their own culture’s holidays right here in New York.

Chinese Lunar New Year is a big holiday in China, people gather together to have lunch and other family members will come visit, they will have sweets and snacks. People also clean their house before Chinese New year, to drive bad things out and  to get ready for a new start and welcome new things and luck into the homes. People will also go shopping before Chinese New year, to get new clothes to symbolize a new start the year. Adults will give their children and friends red pockets known as lucky money. The red pockets symbolize safety and luck for the upcoming year.

At Adelphi, students gather and host lunches and dinner with friends. Adelphi International hosts a party every year in Post Hall. At the event there is traditional dishes and student are given  red pockets, although there is no real money in them, just chocolate coins!

Mid-Autumn Festival is a festival for people to have mooncakes and light up lanterns with family and friends. International students can attend Adelphi Internationals event where they can make their own lanterns and share their experiences or stories with their friends.


Holi festival for color is a colorful festival. Holi is a Hindu festival that marks the arrival of spring. It is a celebration of color and love, as well as the triumph of good versus evil. International students always enjoy Holi festival by chasing each other around and throwing handfuls of color powders at each other. After the event, they will rinse themselves with water, the powder is non-harmful, so they don’t have to worry about the powder being harmful or hard to come off.

At Adelphi it is great to see how all holidays and festivals are supported and celebrated!

This blog post was written by Carly Lau. Carly Lau, is a Marketing Intern at Adelphi International. Carly is currently studying Marketing at Adelphi International and is from Hong Kong.

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