Student Stories

Meet Abimbola Ayodele, MBA Finance Student from Nigeria

Abimbola   At AUI, we have several students who have secured employment on campus or through an internship, which is a remarkable achievement! We love to share these success stories to help and encourage other international students who are looking for employment. Abimbola Ayodele is an MBA Finance student from Nigeria who is currently working as an Administrative Assistant in Adelphi’s School of Social Work. Here is what she shared: Q. Can you share any on campus resources that helped you to prepare for this opportunity? Abimbola: Adelphi University has a lot of resources that students may tend to under-utilize. In my first semester, I enrolled for the Career Accelerator program at no extra cost. This is a program with different workshops that help to prepare students for the job force. For example, I learned from one of the workshops I attended about sending thank you notes to recruiters after an interview. I believe this helped me with getting my job here on campus. After my interview, I requested for the interviewer’s business card and sent an email the same day. I thanked him for taking his time to interview me and I highlighted some of my skills that I believed made me a good fit for the job.   Q. What do you enjoy about your on-campus work position? Abimbola: I have been in this role for the past fifteen months and I enjoy interacting with so many social work students as well as providing administrative support to the faculty. While working in this position, I have been able to garner some knowledge about how the Tertiary Education System works in the United States. I have been opportune to seat at the table with other administrators, brainstormed about strategic decisions to be taken for the School of Social Work. I have helped with planning, organizing events for Social Work students as well as curate and write for the monthly newsletter.   Q. How do you think this position will help you work towards your professional goals? Abimbola: Working in this position has helped me to hone my skills and knowledge. I believe I will be able to transfer knowledge I have garnered on this job, from my Business classes and previous work experiences in my career advancement.   To hear more success stories, follow our Career Accelerator Program newsletter.