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James Boney

Managing DirectorEmail James+1.516.833.8191

Samantha Prudente

Assistant Managing DirectorEmail Samantha+1.516.833.8195
_Andrew Erwin

Andrew Erwin

Academic DirectorEmail Andrew+1.516.833.8196
_Ling Chen

Ling Chen

Student Services DirectorEmail Ling+1.516.833.8197

Jaclyn Russo-Morley

Associate Director of AdmissionsEmail Jaclyn+1.516.833.8187
_Lauren Mullady

Lauren Mullady

Staff Accountant Email Lauren+1.516.833.8199

Mona Khaled

Operations CoordinatorEmail Mona+1.516.833.8194
_Alejandro headshot

Alejandro Cobos

Events and Special Project CoordinatorEmail Alejandro+1.516.877.6728

Jamie Michelman

Program Manager, Career Accelerator Email Jamie+1.516.833.8081
_Lauren Carpenter

Lauren Carpenter

Assistant Academic DirectorEmail Lauren+1.516.833.8188

Eric Sutherland

Academic CoordinatorEmail Eric+1.516.833.8154
_Emily headshot

Emily Dorso

Academic CoordinatorEmail Emily+1.516.833.8186

Will Schaper

Associate Director of Student Services Email Will+1 334.728.7325
_Elizabeth headshot

Elizabeth Peiffer

Student Services AdvisorEmail Elizabeth+1.516.877.3260
_Liz Baldwin

Liz Baldwin

Student Services Advisor Email Liz+1.516.833.3374
_Austin Yang

Austin Yang

Student Services Advisor Email Austin+1 516.877.8198
_Hari, Headshot

Hari Choe

Student Services Advisor - Manhattan CenterEmail Hari+1.516.877.3186

Andrea Wilk

ESL InstructorEmail Andrea+1.516.833.8188

Kimberly Kim

ESL InstructorEmail Kimberly+1.917.830.7672

Gabi Shadyavichyute

ESL InstructorEmail Gabi+1.516.833.8188

Ravneet Parmar

ESL InstructorEmail Ravneet+1.516.833.8188

Johann Lloyd

ESL InstructorEmail Johann+1.516.833.8188

Olivia Limbu

ESL Instructor - Manhattan CenterEmail Olivia+1.212.965.8373

Megan Brach

ESL InstructorEmail Megan+1.516.833.8188

Liz Kramer

ESL Instructor - Manhattan CenterEmail Liz+1.212.965.8373

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