Art and Performing Arts Admission Requirements

Students Applying to the below Art and Performing Art degrees are required to submit additional items for admission into the program.

Creative Writing M.F.A. Applicants:

For more information on portfolio requirements for Creative Writing M.F.A. students, please visit the Creative Writing M.F.A. degree page.

International Direct Applicants:

International Direct applicants must submit the below audition or portfolio with their application in order to receive their full Adelphi acceptance.

Academic Accelerator, Extended Accelerator and Pre-sessional English Program (AAP, EAP, PSE) Applicants:

AAP, EAP, and Pre-sessional applicants may apply without the portfolio or audition but will be required to submit these to the department within their first year of study at Adelphi. Admission into the major is not guaranteed after arrival.

Audition/Portfolio Admissions Requirements by Degree:

Art and Design Education Art History Graphic Design Studio Art

Portfolio Requirements:

Students wishing to enter Adelphi University as an art major can submit their portfolio by sending digital images via email representing their recent studio work. The portfolio should be accompanied by a letter of introduction addressed to the department chairman. Your portfolio should include 12 to 20 examples of recent work in any media.



Your admission to our highly selective dance program is by audition. You are required to submit a CD, DVD, or electronic link.

  • Perform a two- to three-minute solo to the music of your choice
  • AAP, EAP, and Pre-sessional students auditioning after arrival will be required to perform as follows:
    • Take a 90-minute ballet class
    • Take a 90-minute modern dance class
    • Perform a two- to three-minute solo to the music of your choice

Music Music Education


Your admission to our highly selective music program is by audition. You are required submit a CD, DVD, or electronic link of your work, satisfying all the requirements listed in section 1 below:

  1. Presentation of Performance or Compositions
    • Singers and instrumentalists must present two contrasting prepared works.
      • You must provide in writing your proposed audition repertoire choices
      • For singers, one work should be in a language other than English.
      • For instrumentalists, one of the works should be a movement from a concerto or
      • Candidates auditioning on more than one instrument, or as singer and instrumentalist, should offer one prepared work in each medium.
    • Composers
      • You must present and discuss a small portfolio of printed or manuscript scores of your works with a recording of at least one of those works. Composers may also offer to perform one of their own works, of which a score must be provided.
  1. Post-arrival music tests and interview
    • After you arrive on campus three brief tests are used to help faculty understand students’ skill level in key areas of musicianship and to appropriately place students within the sequence of theory and musicianship courses. The three music tests cover:
      • Sight reading test: the ability to read and perform musical notation at sight
      • Pitch and interval recognition test: the ability to discern rhythm, harmony and melody from a recorded or performed musical excerpt
      • Theory advisory test: core knowledge of the basic materials of music, including scales, intervals and elementary knowledge of harmony. The test result may allow advanced placement in the freshman theory course.
    • Interview
      • A brief interview gives faculty the chance to learn more about your background, current work and career plans.

Theatre Arts Acting


Your admission to our theatre program is by audition. You will be required to present two monologues of two to three minutes each. One monologue should be classical (Shakespeare, Marlowe, Molière, Greek theatre, etc.) and the other contemporary.

  • This should be submitted as a CD, DVD, or electronic link.

Design Technology

Portfolio Requirements:

Entrance into the program is determined by review of your portfolio for design or by interview for technical theatre. The directors and resident designers of the program will conduct the interviews. For the interview, you will need:

  • Written statement about your professional goal
  • Informal photograph for our files
  • Written résumé of your educational background and professional and nonprofessional theatre experience
  • Examples of previous artistic experience such as lighting plots, designs, sketches
  • Portfolio of your work including drawings, paintings, models, sculpture pieces, or photographs of such work if available
  • Stage management candidates must submit one to three letters of recommendation from directors and producers and/or evidence of ability and promise, in lieu of art work.


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