When can I get to campus?

We hear this question every day from international students like you. With the Coronavirus pandemic, we understand that visa availability and travel plans may have been impacted. As always, Adelphi International has you covered.

We are working to get you to campus as soon as possible, in ways that ensure your health and safety. If you face delays in arriving to campus on time, explore our solutions for beginning your university journey in a way that is tailored to you.


Solution 1.

On-Campus Fall Semester—August Start

Adelphi University intends to open its doors in some capacity in Fall 2020. Depending on your program, you are welcome to arrive on campus at the start of the regular semester in August, if that is possible for you. Our team will be available to support you during your transition to life in the U.S.


Solution 2.

On-Campus Fall Semester—Second Start

Depending on your program, we are offering a new mid-semester arrival start that will enable you to get started on your degree later this fall at our campus in New York.


Solution 3.

Virtual Fall Semester

If you are unable to arrive on campus for the fall semester at your designated start time, you may start your program virtually. Undergraduate students are invited to participate in American Collegiate Live, a digital classroom experience that lets you begin your program right away, from home—no study delays or interruptions—and transition smoothly to Adelphi International in January. Learn more here.

Note: Fall start dates for undergraduate and graduate students vary based on your program. Please visit your program page to confirm, or ask your counselor.

Find a Solution that Works

Explore which path to your university degree makes the most sense for you:

Question 1: Are you able to get a visa appointment this summer?

Answer: Yes


Question 2: Are you able to book travel plans for your designated start time in August or October?

Answer: Yes

On-Campus Arrival
Question 1: Are you able to get a visa to arrive on campus before designated start date?

Answer: No


Question 2: Are you able to begin your degree virtually from home?

Answer: Yes

Virtual Start

Virtual Graduate Program Offerings

Start your Master’s program virtually in Fall 2020 and arrive on campus for the Spring 2021 semester.

DegreePlacement Levels
MA Education Technology*DMAP, AMAP, MAP
MS Social Work*MAP
MS Sport Management*DMAP, AMAP, MAP
MS Applied Mathematics and Statistics*DMAP, AMAP, MAP
MS Computer Science**MAP
MBA Garden City**MAP
MS Supply Chain Management**MAP
MS Business Analytics**MAP
Global MBA**MAP

*Regular virtual start

**Regular and late virtual starts

Note: Academic English is available for both virtual and in-person late start

Student Stories

Considering American Collegiate Live? Hear from international students like you who have already started classes!

Yiduo Bo, China

“Compared with traditional online courses, Live-to-Device increases the interaction between teachers and students. In traditional classrooms, professors give the lecture and students listen. When students have questions, they feel uncomfortable to interrupt the lecture. In the Live-to-Device modality, students can use the raise-your-hand button, and the lecturer can choose the right time to interact with the students.”

Xin Ran, China

“This real-time online teaching allows me to concentrate more than in a traditional large classroom. I am no longer shy about expression and often interact with professors and classmates. This mode also brings great convenience to learning, as long as you have a good internet connection, there is no delay to enter the class. This class mode is not limited by time and space, and you can interact with foreign professors in real time, which is very convenient.”

Stay Informed

During this time of uncertainty, we are here for you. See how we have been supporting our students this semester.


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