How Much Will It Cost?

Direct Master’s Accelerator Program (Direct MAP)
1 semester
Advanced Master’s Accelerator Program
(Advanced MAP)
1 semester
Master’s Accelerator Program
2 semesters
Academic English
14 Weeks
Estimated Program Tuition $14,716 – $16,390* $17,273 – $18,387* $25,624 – $26,738* $8,360
Estimated Annual Living Expenses** $30,000 $30,000 $30,000 $30,000
Estimated Mandatory Health Insurance $675 $675 $2,000 $2,000
Total $45,391 – $47,065 $47,948 – $49,062 $56,026 – $58,738 $40,360

Note: Costs accurate at time of publication. Expect tuition to increase every year.

TIP: Don’t forget to calculate the number of credit hours you will need to take after you have completed your Master’s Accelerator semester(s). Tuition costs shown above are only related to Master’s Accelerator tuition – not the additional credit hours required after you progress into your degree. Please visit the individual degree pages for degree-specific cost per credit hours AND the number of total credits needed to complete each degree to better estimate total degree costs.

* For specific costs, please see individual degree pages
** Living expenses are estimated and based on a monthly apartment cost of $2,500 a month, which can vary depending on where a student chooses to live. The price shown is for 12 months.

Academic English (Mid-Term)
8 weeks
Academic English (Full-Term)
 1 semester
Estimated Program Tuition $4,180 $8,360
Estimated Mandatory Health Insurance* $525 $675
Total** $4,705 $9,035

Academic English is only currently offered at Adelphi’s Manhattan Center.

* Mid-Term Academic English students are covered by Health Insurance for the duration of their eight-week program. Full-Term Academic English students are covered for the duration of the 1 semester program. Students who enter into the Master’s Accelerator will be required to re-enroll in Health Insurance.
** Total cost does not include living expenses.

Academic English students who are interested in booking Adelphi-affiliated off-campus housing at EHS St. George can book now below.

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