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Hear why these international students chose Adelphi and what their experience has been like so far.

Priya, India
MBA – Marketing

“As an international student, you are always worried about getting a job on-campus; with Adelphi it has been really nice. They are always giving you that extra help that you need – it’s not just always about your classes and studies. There are so many resources on campus.”

Vlad, Ukraine
MBA – Management of Information Systems

“For me, moving to the U.S. was like starting a new life. Everything was new, from the people and friends to the environment and classes. I gained a lot of experience and improved my English a lot, which is a good thing. Being in the U.S. you can meet a lot of people from different cultures. You can learn from them and learn how they run businesses in their countries.”

Anthony image

Anthony, China

"New York is unlike any other city in this world. There are unique things to do in the area. Adelphi gives me the opportunity to study on a traditional campus and adventure in one of the greatest cities in the world.”
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Abhi, India

"I’ve always wanted to study in New York so Adelphi was always my first preference. After speaking with a few professors and realizing that smaller class sizes open up more opportunities, I knew Adelphi was for me.”
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Marina, Brazil

"I chose to study at Adelphi because I wanted to live in New York. Every day I feel so good about my decision. New York is the center of the world, and Adelphi is giving me this experience to be able to follow my dreams. The quality of the education is excellent and the networking opportunities seem to be endless!”
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Sandi, Myanmar

“I’ve always wanted to study abroad but was not sure about adapting to the American culture. All of the programs at Adelphi have helped me adjust and make New York my home.”
Carly (Wing) image

Carly (Wing), Hong Kong

B.B.A. – Management

The ratio of the faculty to students is 10 to 1, which means you can get a lot of one-on-one time. They have different departments for so many different fields and the instructors are diverse. Faculty at Adelphi are experienced, helpful and understanding.
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Devansh, India

M.B.A. – Finance

As an M.B.A. student, I decided to become a member of the finance society. In this group, we get to meet influential business leaders who come and give speeches and attend Adelphi events. We also got to visit the New York Stock Exchange, which helped me to experience Wall Street culture.
Ted image

Ted, Nigeria

B.S. – Computer Science

The universally warm reception I got throughout my time at Adelphi has made it easy to settle down and get used to my new school quickly. It is also the total opposite of home, especially in New York City. You are guaranteed to have a lot of really cool experiences here.
Akosua image

Akosua, Ghana

B.S. – Biology

It was great when I got my job with the International Student Services department at Adelphi. My favorite part of the job is meeting new students because I know I can relate to them and help them transition to their new school. This job also helps me grow my network and learn from people from all over the world.
Thi Anh image

Thi Anh, Vietnam

M.B.A. – Human Resource Management

I have enjoyed a lot of the activities at Adelphi, like the Holi Festival, the trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the BBQ party. I also like all of the free exercise classes that the recreation center at Adelphi offers, like yoga and other fitness classes.
Steven (Phuc Ta) image

Steven (Phuc Ta), Vietnam

M.S. – Sport Management

Adelphi creates a supportive environment for international students and it is easy to find ways to engage with the local community. This is a great chance to encounter new cultures and make a lot of new friends. This is the greatest educational experience that I have ever had!

My classes at Adelphi are helping me to analyze problems from different perspectives and view problems in a new light. I think I am learning how to tackle problems more critically and systematically, which is a skill that I can take with me for the rest of my life.

Ciara (Linghua), China

One of the main reasons I chose Adelphi is because of location. Adelphi University's location in Garden City is very peaceful and quiet, which helps us to keep our focus on studying. But, if you want to go to Manhattan and enjoy the business atmosphere or do something fun in the city, it is very convenient.

Shaun (Zhiyi), China

At Adelphi University, opportunities will come to you if you if you take the time to search them out. If you’re not doing well in a course, you can go to a professor and ask for help and they will guide you to the right way. They all are very understanding and won’t let you fail.

Usman, Pakistan

I would like to learn new skills, discover different perspectives, engage, and experience a new way of thinking. Coming to Adelphi has been a life-changing, world-altering experience for me and I hope to help fellow international students to acclimatize best to our programs and university through being an active member of the community.

Kajal, India

There are big differences between the educational system in America and what we have back home. Back at home, there is this gap between the student and the professors, but in the U.S you get more of a connection with your professors.

Sayo, Nigeria

I have received resume support and interview support, which were both very helpful as an international student. I was better prepared to answer the type of questions that U.S employers ask, and I think all of this support really helped me to get placed in my summer internships.

Anmol, India
Ayaan, India
MBA – Management

“Working in New York city definitely had its perks. I got the chance to work with very talented individuals from Adelphi and from other schools in the New York area. I became more familiar with Manhattan and the transportation system there. Working in a big city like New York, also gave me the chance to network with individuals of high influence.”

Lamie, Vietnam
MBA – Human Resource Management

Lamie (Kieu Lam) is an M.B.A. student specializing in Human Resources Management from Vietnam. She came to Adelphi International with the goal of improving her English and expanding her professional network.

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