International Student Services

Adelphi International's support services, designed in partnership with Shorelight, ensure student success from application through the first year of study.
Application Assistance icon

Application Assistance

Dedicated enrollment counselors guide you as you start your university selection.
Visa Support icon

Visa Support

Our advisors help with visa application and interview prep.
ADU Campus Support ICON

Campus Support

Our campus teams provide everything you need to safely arrive and settle in on campus.

Academic & ESL support ICON
Academic & ESL support
With tutoring and English support, you will be prepared for academic success.
Career Development icon
Career Development
Career experts help with networking, workshops, and professional development.

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 ADU Student Success

Student Success

Develop in-demand skills at Adelphi University – and connect with opportunities to work toward your dream career.

“As an international student, you are always worried about getting a job on-campus; with Adelphi it has been really nice. They are always giving you that extra help that you need – it’s not just always about your classes and studies. There are so many resources on campus.”

Priya, India

Marketing major

ADU Team

At Adelphi International, our friendly and helpful staff are available to support you at every step of the student journey.

  • Visa Preparation
  • Arrival Assistance
  • Academic Support

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