Meet Ayaan

Ayaan, an M.B.A. Management student from India always makes sure to stay involved on-campus and to attend the many events that Adelphi offers for students. He credits his high level of involvement as one of the reasons he was chosen for the prestigious Jaggar Internship Program.

What do you like about Adelphi University?

“Adelphi is located in a nice neighborhood on Long Island, but it’s very easy to travel to New York City via public transportation. There are also very small class sizes at Adelphi, which ensures that we get personalized attention from the professors. I have a good relationship and rapport with all of my professors, which makes it easy to go to them for professional and academic advice.”

What kind of events and activities have you attended at Adelphi?

“I try to keep myself very busy and involved on-campus and I attend a lot of different events. Some of my favorite Adelphi events include the trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Circle Line cruise. The cruise was organized by Adelphi International and the entire boat was filled with Adelphi staff and students. There was even a DJ and we took some awesome photos as we circled around Liberty Island and Manhattan”

Ayaan on the Circle Line Cruise in NYC
Ayaan playing Fooseball with friends

Have you taken advantage of any of the career services at Adelphi?

“I have attended a few speeches with representatives from various companies organized by the business school and different leadership events organized by the Career Center. I have also had my resume reviewed by the Career Center, which helped me write a resume that fit the U.S. standards.

I think the career center is of great use to someone looking to start their career, and they offer a lot of professional advice and resources to help with career development. Services include resume writing, workshops, career services, mock interviews and tips on social media profiles. They also offer a lot of job fairs and on-campus recruitment opportunities.”

Ayaan attending the Job Fair

Tell me about some of your accomplishments since coming to Adelphi?

“I applied for the Jaggar Community Fellows Program, which is a paid summer internship program, and I was privileged to be picked for it. I think a major reason for being chosen is due to being such an active student on campus and participating in a lot of networking events. During my internship I was even guided by a director in the career center, who touched base with me on regular intervals to ensure I had a productive experience.”

Tell me about your summer internship?

“I interned at the National Urban League, which is the oldest civil rights organization in the United States, founded in 1910. Their aim is to provide services to the underserved communities across the country.

Ayaan presents about his Jaggar Internship
Ayaan's internship project board

I was hired as a Marketing and Communications Intern over the summer and worked at their office in Wall Street. One of our responsibilities was to plan the Annual Conference, which was a highly anticipated event hosted in St. Louis. I got the chance to attend the Annual Conference, where I met people from many different companies and even got the chance to hang out with Jamie Foxx, who attended the event. The conference was a great networking event and around 3000 people were in attendance.

I also worked on a project that was based on the idea of integrating technology into social justice. We were assigned this project directly by the President of the company and we ultimately helped to design an app that would help to centralize information from all the company’s affiliates.

I also had a very good relationship with my supervisor during my internship. She was an Adelphi alumnus and had a really electrifying personality and was a joy to work with. I still keep in touch with her, even now that my internship has ended.”

What was it like working in New York City?

“Working in New York city definitely had its perks. I got the chance to work with very talented individuals from Adelphi and from other schools in the New York area. I became more familiar with Manhattan and the transportation system there. Working in a big city like New York, also gave me the chance to network with individuals of high influence.”

Ayaan and friends in the photobooth


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