Housing and Dining

Welcome to Your New Home

All undergraduate students are required to live in Adelphi-approved housing for the duration of their program, unless they have an approved housing waiver form. Graduate students are not currently eligible to live on campus, but are encouraged to look into living at EHS St. George in Brooklyn Heights.

Adelphi University has seven on-campus residence halls to choose from. All rooms come fully furnished, include cable and internet jacks and have access to WiFi. All residence halls have in-building laundry, secure key-card access, heating, lounges and a kitchen. There are currently a few different room types for AUI students to choose from:

  • On-Campus Double: Double room with one roommate. Students have access to a shared bathroom

Starting Fall 2018, Adelphi International students will also have the option to choose from additional room types:

  • Regular Triple: Regular-sized triple room shared with two other roommates, with access to a shared bathroom.
  • Converted Triple: Smaller triple room shared with two other roommates, with access to a shared bathroom. This is a great option for someone who is looking for a more affordable on-campus living option.
  • Starting Fall 2018, all room types will be available without air conditioning, to give students another more affordable living option. Please note that all students will move to double rooms with A/C for the summer semester.

All Undergraduate students will fill out a housing preference form (unless they have an approved housing waiver).

Graduate students, Global MBA or Academic English students interested in living off campus at the EHS St. George Residence can learn more or book a room here.

We cannot guarantee that students will receive their first choice for housing. If you do not receive your first choice, you may receive a refund or be required to pay additional fees for your assigned residence. Additionally, students may be required to move residences for the duration of the summer semester, as not all housing options remain open during this semester.

Today’s Menu at Adelphi

Meal plans are required for all students living on campus. All students who live at Adelphi will be enrolled in the Gold Meal Plan, which provides students with approximately 12 meals per week and $250 worth of Panther Dollars for grab-and-go food purchases. A meal plan also gives you access to FREE all-day Sunday brunch at Post Hall.

Live off-campus? No problem! Adelphi also offers Commuter Meal Plans, which allow students to add Panther Dollars to their ID cards for fast and easy purchase while on campus. Credit cards and cash can also be used, but the Commuter Meal Plan gives you the benefit of tax-free purchases.

Adelphi Dining Services offers a wide selection of options across campus. This includes pizza, ethnic foods, traditional and wrap-style sandwiches, burgers, chicken sandwiches, grab-and-go package meals, salads and homemade desserts. If you are in the mood for something else, you can also visit Panther Melts, the Legends Juice Bar, Paws Café or Post Hall.

Sometimes you need a study break.

As a student in New York, you will have access to an unlimited number of exciting things to see and do.